Strategies for Planning and Running Men's Groups

AMN has participated in an ongoing dialogue with various organizations and groups providing healthy relationships support to men throughout Alberta. The information contained in this toolkit is based on what we have learned from these groups along with insights from the Alberta Men’s Survey. The “Strategies for Planning and Running Men’s Groups Toolkit” was created by healthy relationships advocates in Alberta as a user-friendly guide for agency stakeholders and community leaders. This toolkit is intended to provide specific information related to the planning and implementation of men’s groups; to empower you in your efforts to assist men and ‘walk alongside’ them in their efforts to build and maintain positive and healthy relationships. More specifically, these strategies will help you increase attendance while enhancing the positive benefits that men derive from your program.

This toolkit is part of a multi-part series on working with men and boys.

Part I: Planning Your Group

This toolkit goes over important considerations for planning your group and barriers to getting help that sometimes need to be overcome in order to enable participation.

Download the toolkit to learn more.

Part II: Running Your Group

This toolkit provides suggestions and considerations for choosing topics and activities, as well as running and maintaining your group.

Download the toolkit to learn more.

Interactive Online Toolkit

This modular online version of the toolkit provides another more interactive way of approaching the Strategies for Planning and Running Men’s Groups toolkit for those not keen on PDFs or who do not need to print the material.

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