About the Alberta Men's Network

About Alberta Men’s Network

The Alberta Men's Network was formed out of the collaborative, community based research of the Alberta Men’s Survey (AMS). The AMS was created by over 70 men and women and over 18 organizations committed to enhancing men’s roles in violence prevention.    

The AMS was distributed from July through October 2015 using Survey Monkey and through trained research assistants. A tremendous strength of the project was a culturally-diverse team of community-based research assistants. Supported by a leadership group of 18 organizations and numerous volunteers, the survey reached men in over 35 Alberta localities. Edmonton, Calgary and Sherwood Park were the top three cities that drew respondents.

Building men’s capacities to participate in gender-based violence prevention work is long overdue. Research shows that violence against women (VAW) and girls is a global phenomenon. In Canada, men commit the majority of sexual assaults, physical assaults with a weapon and homicides. Men and boys are also negatively impacted by male violence and rigid gender/sexuality stereotypes and expectations. Men’s perceptions and attitudes towards non-violent relationships and lifestyles are critical to inform supports, services and programs to prevent gender-based violence. While there is recognition of the important role of men in violence reduction initiatives, very little data exists in terms of what men need in order to build and sustain healthy relationships in Alberta. This lack of data contributes to the barriers that men face in accessing existing programming related to healthy relationships, as well as gaps in developing new services to address men’s needs.

It is our hope that the learning from the AMS will support the efforts of community members, governments and the numerous organizations that are working on the creation, implementation, and evaluation of preventative services that focus on men and boys. The AMS was supported through funding provided by United Way of Calgary and Area, the Alberta Human Rights, Education, and Multiculturalism Fund and The Calgary Foundation to the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary, the Alberta Men’s survey is the first of its kind in Alberta in its focus, reach and level of collaboration.

The survey is dedicated in loving memory to Patrick Dillon, Manmeet Bhullar, and Andrew Mackenzie Robertson


The Alberta Men’s Survey Leadership Team includes: Alberta Father Involvement Initiative Alberta Human Rights CommissionCity of EdmontonStrathcona County Family & Community Services (Community & Social Development Sector), Edmonton/Evergreen Family Violence Committee, Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary (ECCC)Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) Beaumont Men’s Action Network Calgary (MAN-C)Men Edmonton (ME.)REACH EdmontonNorwood Family Centre, The Calgary FoundationUnited Way of Calgary and AreaUniversity of Calgary, Faculty of Social WorkCalgary Immigration Women's AssociationAssociation of Alberta Sexual Assault Services, and Calgary Sexual Health Centre.

The project also received tremendous support from many individuals, community members, and organizations who have contributed in different capacities in different phases of the initiative.

Project Supporters: Alberta Human Rights Commission, City of Edmonton, Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary, The Calgary Foundation, United Way of Calgary and Area, and University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work.

Research Leads: Dave Este and Liza Lorenzetti. 

Research Advisor: Leslie Tutty.

Tool Development Leads: Abbas Mancey, Adrian Wolfleg, Arya Boustani, Binu Sebastian, Dario Ontolan, Dave Este, Derek Sehn, Derrick Osborne, Donna Brock, Ethel Stonechild, Fanny Oliphant, George Ishiekwene, Grant Neufeld, Joe Campbell, Justin Otteson, Kyle Mack, Lado Luala, Lemlem Haile, Liza Lorenzetti, Madan Nath, Marnie Lee, Michael Hoyt, Michael Lander, Patrick Dillon, Percy Murwisi, Rebecca Robertson, Ryan Valley, Teigist Dessalegn, Thomas Poulsen, Tim Fox, and Vic Lantion.

Research Coordinators: Amanda Ulrickson (Leduc), Brodie Stenthouse (Beaumont), Marg Clark (Sturgeon County), Michael Hoyt (Edmonton), Tracy Gravelle (Strathcona County), and Vic Lantion (Calgary).

Data Management and Analysis: Percy Murwisi.

Data Analysis: Abbas Mancey, Adrian Wolfleg, Aneesh Joseph, Bayo Ogunbote, Camilo Gil, Dave Este, Derrick Osborne, Erfan Tabarsi, Fanny Oliphant, Gautum Verma, Hemlata Sadhwani, Justin Otteson, Lemlem Haile, Leslie Tutty, Liza Lorenzetti, Michael Hoyt, Patrick Dillon, Percy Murwisi, Ryan Valley, Tatiana Ochsepkova, Veronika Ilich, Jeremiah Levine and Vic Lantion. 

Developmental Evaluation: Bayo Ogunbote, Denise Lysda Mitchell, Ethel Stonechild, Fanny Oliphant, and Liza Lorenzetti.

Videography: Arya Boustani, Grant Neufeld, and Hans Ocenar.

Training: Adrian Wolfleg, Bayo Ogunbote, Ethel Stonechild, Fanny Oliphant, Justin Otteson, Liza Lorenzetti, Michael Hoyt, Michael Lander, Percy Murwisi, Rebecca Robertson, Ryan Valley, and Vic Lantion.

Translations: Bela Gupta and Fanny Oliphant.

Encoding: Adrian Wolfleg, Fanny Oliphant, Patrick Breaker, and Percy Murwisi.

Resource Mobilization: Dave Este, Doug Murphy, Lemlem Haile, Liza Lorenzetti, Marichu Antonio, Martha Fanjoy, Michael Hoyt, Patrick Dillon, and Vic Lantion.

Media and Promotions: Abbas Mancey, Adrian Wolfleg, Dave Este, Justin Otteson, Liza Lorenzetti, Natalie Dawes, Ryan Valley and Vic Lantion.

Review of Related Literature: Madan Nath and Martha Fanjoy.

Launch Planning Committee: Abbas Mancey, Adrian Wolfleg, Aneesh Joseph, Bayo Ogunbote, Bela Gupta, Camilo Gil, Dave Este, Derek Sehn, Diana Wark, Fanny Oliphant, Grant Neufeld, Heather Morrison, Hemlata Sadhwani, Jeremiah Levine, Joe Campbell, Justin Otteson, Lemlem Haile, Liza Lorenzetti, Malik Walker, Martha Fanjoy, Michael Hoyt, Patrick Dillon, Percy Murwisi, Pol Ngeth, Ryan Valley, and Vic Lantion.

Dialogues:  Abbas Mancey, Bayo Ogunbote, Camilo Gil, Fanny Oliphant, Gautum Verma, Michael Hoyt, Percy Murwisi, Pol Ngeth, Veronika Ilich, Ryan Valley, Tatiana Ochsepkova, and Vic Lantion.

Reviewers: Dr. Dave Este, ECCC Research and Policy Committee, Project Partners and Alberta Men’s Survey Leadership Team.