Healthy Family Relations: A Community Response to Domestic Violence

Binu Sebastian, MSW, RSW & Liza Lorenzetti, PhD (c), RSW

This handbook provides a quick overview of the building blocks to develop healthy and non-violent relationships and communities. It also gives community members some tools that they can use to become involved in violence prevention within their homes, communities, schools, faith communities and other places where they gather.

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This handbook would not have come together without the help, support, and hard work of many people. We are grateful to North of McKnight community members and the North of McKnight Resident’s Committee in Calgary, Alberta for their generosity in sharing community knowledge and experiences. Special thanks to community organizers Atiya Ashna, Lalita Singh and Diane Altwasser for their support and collaboration during creation of this handbook. Many thanks to Anna Zakharova for handbook layout and finalization and Arya Boustani for the cover photo.