Well-Being and Healthy Relationships Insights and Experiences of South Asian Men in Alberta

Suggested citation:
Nath, M., Sadhwani, H., Lorenzetti, L. (2018). Well-Being and Healthy Relationships: Insights and Experiences of South Asian Men in Alberta. Alberta Men’s Network. www.albertamen.com

Canada is an immigrant receiving country with a high level of ethnocultural diversity. Almost seven million Canadians were born outside the country (Statistics Canada, 2011). While immigrant communities are key contributors to Canadian identity and prosperity, South Asians, like other migrants, may experience numerous resettlement challenges resulting in stress and frustration, isolation, anxiety, and depression; in some cases, mental health concerns, interpersonal conflict and domestic violence are present (Ferzana & Archana, 2017; Robert, & Gilkinson, 2012). There is little research, however, on the well-being of South Asian men who have resettled in Canada, which limits services, supports and policies that are inclusive of this group. To explore and understand the capacities and resources required by a diverse population of men, this research brief focuses on the insights and experiences of 89 immigrant male Albertans of South Asian descent.

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This report would not be possible without the support of The Alberta Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund, the University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work, and the Alberta Network of Immigrant Women.