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June 15, 2018  - University of Calgary
June 16. 2018 - TBD


June 26, 2018 - TBD


The Experiencing Masculinities Symposium will bring together academics, students, service providers, community-leaders, and community members for a unique experiential learning opportunity focused on disseminating the research completed by the University of Calgary FSW in collaboration with Alberta Men’s Network and on community-based approaches to violence prevention, men's well-being, and family wellness.

This engaging and interactive symposium explores cultural and contextual approaches to addressing issues related to men and masculinities through an intersectional, human rights, and Indigenous lens. It has been developed by the Alberta Men's Network in collaboration with the University of Calgary, FSW, the Alberta Network of Immigrant Women, the City of Edmonton, the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary and numerous community leaders. These partners are uniquely positioned to organize this event, being representative of ­and connected to diverse stakeholders across Alberta.

Recognizing that service-providers, academics, students, community-leaders, and community-members all come to the table with different skills and approaches, we have decided to split the conference into two days in Calgary (day one held in the FSW) and one day in Edmonton (in the FSW), addressing two unique goals. The first day of the Calgary and Edmonton symposium will focus on knowledge translation to develop best practices. Calgary will host a second day in a community setting and will cater towards community members and leaders, focusing on community-based approaches to violence prevention and issues related to men’s well-being and family wellness.

, The Experiencing Masculinities Symposium supports the three foundational commitments: focus on research and University’s integration with the community, as well as quality and breadth of learning.

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