Promoting Men's Well-being and Healthy Relationships in Alberta.

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Working With Male-identified folks

Your source for tips and  engaging with men on healthy relationships, anti-oppression, the prevention of violence, leading healthy lifestyles, and more. 

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Working with dads

Dad Central is an Alberta Men's Network partner that works with dads and provides tools, tips, and more on engaging dads in your community.


working with boys

Working with boys to encourage healthy relationships and lifestyles can ensure positive and productive lives. AMN has tools and tips for working with boys under 18.


We asked 2214 men what being a man means to them. These are some of their answers. 

5 ways to support men's well-being and healthy relationships:

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Search for resources, programs, activities, and organizations that support men and male-identified individuals in your community. Know of a group we are missing? Message with any suggestions. 


“Men need to be shown that it is OK to express fear & sadness to other men.(...) Honest expressions of vulnerability are true actions of courage”

RespondEnt | what types of supports and services would men use?


The Alberta Men's Survey

he Alberta Men's Network was formed out of the collaborative, community based research of the Alberta Men’s Survey (AMS). The AMS was created by over 70 men and women and over 18 organizations committed to enhancing men’s roles in violence prevention.    

The AMS was distributed from July through October 2015 using Survey Monkey and through trained research assistants. A tremendous strength of the project was a culturally-diverse team of community-based research assistants. Supported by a leadership group of 18 organizations and numerous volunteers, the survey reached men in over 35 Alberta localities. Edmonton, Calgary and Sherwood Park were the top three cities that drew respondents.

Survey Team, 2015

Survey Team, 2015

It is our hope that the learning from the AMS will support the efforts of community members, governments and the numerous organizations that are working on the creation, implementation, and evaluation of preventative services that focus on men and boys. The AMS was supported through funding provided by United Way of Calgary and Area, the Alberta Human Rights, Education, and Multiculturalism Fund and The Calgary Foundation to the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary, the Alberta Men’s survey is the first of its kind in Alberta in its focus, reach and level of collaboration.


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